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10 East London Cycle Adventures

Like many Londoners, I've recently rekindled my wild love affair with cycling. I'd only ridden a bike sporadically in London since being a student, a wonderful time when me, my terrible peroxide hair and my beloved Purple Peril were featured on a London cycling blog . My cycling skills were a bit rusty as result, but it didn't take long for me to become completely and utterly infatuated with my new set of wheels. In just over 6 weeks I've notched up about 500 miles on the road (/bouncing along Epping Forest's blancmangey trails).  My job (which is in accommodation-based support, so I often need to be on site) is based in South London, so I commute to Lambeth from Walthamstow by bike 3 times a week - a fun, bracing 50 minute wiggle round Lea Bridge, through the backstreets of Hackney and straight down the A10 into the epicentre of the City.  However, my heart (and free time) belongs to East London, and we Walthamstonians are truly spoilt for choice, with beautiful ne

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