I've come 2nd in the Forest Poets Locals Competition 2019!

Yesterday I was delighted to win second prize in the Locals category of the Forest Poets 2019 Where I'm From Poetry Competition with a poem about life in beautiful Waltham Forest.

Here's my poem, Forest Folks:

Forest Folks

Forest folks don’t dream small
They’re Wild Cards and neon kings
They’re Alfred Hitchcock Hotel plotters
And Vicky’s finest cabaret queens.
They’re Marshes bramble gin converters
Sour dough pros and jellied eels
They’re Dave Octave’s music bingo
Grime and rhymes and lomo reels. 
Forest folks are sporting heroes
Volley baller champs supreme
Lea Valley cycles spanning centuries 
Lions of the ice puck scene.
They’re Wood Street arcade taco genies
Stocking all your Viking threads
Flower Pot rockers, Duke juke boxers
Giving us daily Eggs and Bread. 
Forest folks are Epping trailers  
Good Queen Bess out on the hunt 
Cats with gators, bait and waders
Fishing on the waterfront.
They’re ecosystem life protectors
Wetlands Eden paradise
Jubilee Park beehive Lloyd Wrights 
Bat walk guides on autumn nights. 
Forest folks are creative non-stop
Coppermill knitters and Art Trail gems
William Morris in the waters
Brushes, staves, kilns, playwrights’ pens.
They’re wild flower nurturer keen green fingered
Micro library master craftsfolk
Street art Warhol mural aces
Makers thriving at Blackhorse Road.
And Forest folks are caring neighbours
Always keen to lend-a-handers
Passionate and fierce campaigners
With Stella, queen of taking stands.
So I’m proud I’ve laid down roots
Amid Whipps Cross’ best locally grown
Rubbing shoulders with the dreamers
Who call this magic forest home.